Thank you for walking together all the way in 2015 looking forward 2016

Looking back at 2015, a year full of hardships and self transformation, the industry situation is not optimistic, a flood of bankruptcies swept in, but FRIDA fought the tide decisively, changed the sales strategy and at the same time bought the full automatic equipment called DING JING. It reduced some employees in production line, but improved the yield rate and the efficiency of production, production capacity and quality were improved at the same time. In a tough industry environment, FRIDA won the trust and support from new and old customers, the cruel survival environment didn’t destroy FRIDA, but instead provided a larger development space. Thanks to the trust and support from new and old customers in 2015, thanks to the FRIDA people, we are grateful for your walking together all the way.

Looking at 2016, opportunities and challenges co-exist, but we see more hope, we will strengthen the team cooperation, increase sales volume, strive to expand the factory scale in the end of the year, achieve monthly growth, breakthrough year after year, look forward to climbing the peak again with you in 2016.

We are grateful to have travelled with you all the way in 2015, and looking forward to climbing the peak again in 2016.