FRIDA held the STRATEGIC ALLIANCE MEETING with suppliers in 2019

On March 29th, 2019, SHENZHEN FRIDA LCD CO., LTD held the strategic alliance meeting with suppliers. Li Zhuang, chairman of FRIDA, Chang Bing, CEO of FRIDA, Li Li, management representative, Li Yuping, vice president of the manufacturing center, and managers of all departments attended the meeting. More than 80 suppliers gathered together to participate in the meeting.

The purpose of this meeting is to establish a good relationship with suppliers and discuss the future development path. In this meeting, CEO Chang Bing and vice president of manufacturing center Li Yuping made speeches respectively, pointing out the general direction of the company's future development as well as the work goals and plans for 2019. At the same time, awards were given to outstanding suppliers, among which 9 suppliers stood out from 80 suppliers. At last, Mr. Li Zhuang, chairman of the board, made a summary of the speech of each speaker and said at the meeting that FRIDA had always maintained a good relationship with each supplier. At the same time, Mr. Li Zhuang also introduced the company's latest high-tech product - 3D hologram fan, and also outlined the general development prospects of the customized display industry.

After the conclusion of the strategic alliance meeting, the supplier were greeted with a sumptuous dinner party. The gathering of like-minded friends and a sumptuous dinner party made a successful conclusion to the strategic alliance meeting.

strategic alliance meeting with suppliers