During the golden cool autumn season, FRIDA received happy trouble

Golden cool autumn, the red laurel fragrant. October is the season of harvest and joy. For the hard working of each FRIDA people, in this autumn we received customer rewards that can witness the glorious past and lead to a bright future.

Since the establishment, FRIDA always adhere to the forefront of the industry, build and establish the industry brand with a solid pace. In the second half of 2014, the display industry was in turmoil. Large or small module factories and backlight factories went bankrupt one after another. The prospect of the display industry was not optimistic. However, the severe environment is the test of the enterprise to withstand the pressure. Only the enterprise that can withstand the test can be responsible for every customer, and even for the future of every employee of the enterprise. FRIDA withstood the test, once again proved themselves, let the enterprise growth with sublimation.

Approaching the end of the year, the peak season of the industry has arrived, FRIDA was also fully prepared to produce high-quality, high-specification products for each customer.