In many cases, glass is added to protect the surface of the LCD on devices used outdoors. But when sunlight hits the LCD surface, the reflected light causes visibility to decrease. The company has developed glass bonding products to improve the visibility of the overall module. The TFT liquid crystal module is bonded to the anti-glare glass using a resin with a similar refractive index to the glass. "This method reduces the reflection of light, reducing the reflectivity from 11.8% to 5.3%," said the manager of the liquid crystal division.


The popular color TFT LCD display can be seen as the "face" of electronic products, and the display performance directly affects the sensory experience of users. In recent two years, sunshine readability is one of the focuses of research and development of numerous manufacturers.

It’s very important for industrial TFT LCD display to obtain good visual effect under strong light in marine equipment, outdoor ATM, construction machinery, outdoor handheld equipment and other applications.

This kind of TFT LCD display is the reflection type based on MEMS, mainly uses the reflection natural light to realize the luminescence of the display. In the process of reflecting natural light to achieve light interference, and form different colors through different lights. The advantage is that LCD requires no filters, no polarizer, no transistors, no organic materials and no backlight. They are essentially two layers of very simple glass. The imaging principle is that in the space gap of two glass layers, there are three colors: blue, red and green. The wavelengths of these three colors interfere in the space, forming different wavelengths of light, and then corresponding different colors.

Electronic readers use sunlight readable displays, and portable products often use external light to reflect and display in order to save energy. The e-reader market is positioned between e-books and tablet PCs. The main features of e-paper/e-books are readable under the sunlight and low power consumption, but monochrome is still the main feature, while the feature of tablet PCs such as iPad are color and video playback. Mirasol is a combination of two advantages: direct sunlight readable, continuous video playback, and low power consumption.

Semi-reflective and semi-transmissive products are used for outdoor handheld devices. This product is processed by internal special light reflection and transmission, which can make the handheld portable device get a good visual effect in the outdoor under strong sunlight. In addition, relevant special technologies can be used to reflect and display the external sunlight under strong external sunlight, so as to achieve energy saving effect and thus extend the lifetime of the power supply of handheld portable devices.