Solution value

Easy Maintenance

Remote monitoring and maintenance , fault alarm, and other functions are available through network connection.

High Safety

Overload protection, leakage self-break, full-charge protection, fault self-test and other multiple safety protection functions are supported;

Easy Operation

Excellent SAAS service platform, providing customers with remote monitoring, centralized management of equipment. Also, it can generate types of reports and push the operation management of marketing activity information, other services are available.

List of function of solution

UI modifications and new designs, and functions can be customized according to demands

  • SAAS Service Platform

    SAAS service platform is of great excellence, which provides customers with equipment management , operation management and marketing management, as well as other services.

  • Mini-Program Connection

    Connecting with Mini-Programs, it allows customers, based on their promotional needs, to delve into and restructure the value of their assets, like Mini-programs and official accounts, etc..

  • API Port Connection

    The opening of platform port can achieve the connection with the third party platform, at the same time, it can meet the large-data supervision requirements of functional department of government, realizing the management targets of digitization and intelligentization.

  • Payment Function

    Customers are not required to download APPs, by scanning code with WeChat or swiping IC card, the charging pile will turn on charge. Based on customers’ prepayment, after charging , the overpayment will be returned to customers in real time.

  • Remote Upgrade

    The charging pile supports remote upgrade on its backstage, which is convenient, time-saving and can provide customers with good experience.

Smart charging pile solution
Smart charging pile solution

Structure and parameters

Screen size, resolution, memory size can be re-customized according to needs.

  • Screen size:7.0inch
  • Resolution:1024x600
  • Screen interface:RGB
  • System:linux
  • Flash:16MB
  • Communication interface:MIPI
  • Hardware interface:MIPI