• Heart of awe AND THE Belief

    In this world, there are those who believe in God and those who don’t, thus distinguishing between theists and atheists, religious people and lay people.

      2021-10-10      13

  • Run, boys, the FRIDA football League

    FRIDA has been constantly seeking benefits for employees and actively enriching their leisure life. Recently, FRIDA has organized employees to participate in community football league, enriching their leisure life and actively calling on employees to exercise their physical and mental health.

      2021-6-25      127

  • Innovation is the key for enterprise development

    More and more enterprises have realized the importance of innovation for enterprise development. For LCD industry, Guangdong province is the most competitive place in the electronics industry in China. We can only improve our competitiveness through continuous innovation. Therefore, as the management team of an enterprise, we should clearly recognize the following points:

      2019-11-21      170

  • I bloom my beauty, with my attitude

    I happened to see such a song, and I fell in love with the name of the song at a glance. I even didn't have time to listen to the charm of the melody attentively.

      2019-10-25      119

  • FRIDA team outreach activities at guanhu

    At 5pm on July 31st, 2015, some employees of FRIDA team gathered for a two-day and two-night trip to Guanhu. On August 1st, we gathered at the beach, caught crabs, picked up shells, and jumped into the sea to enjoy the surging sea. 2 days of time soon passed, we played, cooked and barbecued together, it enhanced emotions and the harvest of unity. In the afternoon of 2nd, the outreach activity ended with cheers.

      2015-8-1      105

  • The second season of the FRIDA football league the world cup in BRAZIL

    In June 2014, the quadrennial football world cup, began in the football kingdom of Brazil. The national football teams from 32 nations, staged the football feast for the people all over the world. Brazil 2014 World Cup, let the football fans into madness again.

      2014-6-25      115

  • Frida camping outreach activities by the sea

    On July 7th-8th, 2012, the management staff of SHENZHEN FRIDA LCD CO., LTD organized a two-day outreach activity of XICHONG beach to feel the spiritual impact brought by the sea together in the scorching summer.

      2012-6-25      98