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Shenzhen FRIDA LCD Co., LTD. Privacy statement

FRIDA( is committed to the privacy protection of our users.The privacy statement of FRIDA is constantly being improved and updated as the range of FRIDA network services expands. You are welcome to review the privacy statement at any time.

Scope of Privacy Policy:

This includes FRIDA showing how to handle personally identifiable information left by users when they log on to their websites and servers, as well as other personally identifiable information shared with business partners.

The privacy policy does not apply to non FRIDA network affiliates and non FRIDA network employees.

Privacy Policy:

FRIDA attaches great importance to the protection of users' privacy, and privacy protection is a basic policy of FRIDA. The registration information provided by you and other personal data retained by FRIDA will be subject to the privacy laws of China and the privacy protection statement of our company.

Information disclosure and sharing:

FRIDA may cooperate with third parties to provide relevant services to users. If such third parties are legally operating companies and provide the same privacy protection for users (such as telecom operators), FRIDA shall have the right to provide the registration information of users to such third parties.

FRIDA promises not to lease or sell users' personal information to any third party without users' permission, except: * To protect the legitimate rights and interests of FRIDA;* You agree to share the information with third parties;* According to the relevant laws and regulations, the site needs to obey the court summons, legal orders or follow legal procedures;* Only by disclosing your personal information that you can get the products and services you require;* We find that you have violated the terms of service or regulations related to other product or service of FRIDA.

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FRIDA will always be committed to providing you with best experience and service under the premise of fully protecting your privacy.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this privacy policy, please contact us at