Solution value

Reduce misoperation

convenient touch operation adds a child lock to reduce misoperation caused by children's fun.

Fast mass production

samples can be produced in 7 days at the fastest, and mass production can be produced in 30 days.


the steamer and oven are combined into one, saving kitchen space.

List of function of solution

UI modifications and new designs, and functions can be customized according to demands

  • Steam and bake in one

    View the data information of the vehicle through the dashboard to understand the driving status of the vehicle

  • Appointment function

    Project the navigation map to the gauge to display the map in real time.

  • IOT

    Featured buttons/touch keys for answering/hanging up calls, music up/down selection, map zooming in/out, etc.

  • Built-in thousands of recipes

    Relying on the intelligent positioning chip of the control board, real-time positioning, anti-theft tracking and mobile alarm are carried out to solve the anti-theft problem.

All-in-one steamer solution
All-in-one steamer solution

Structure and parameters

Screen size, resolution, memory size can be re-customized according to needs.

  • Screen size:6.67inch
  • Resolution:1024x600
  • Screen interface:Mipi
  • System:freertos
  • Flash:128MB
  • Communication interface:UART
  • Hardware interface:UART、IIC