Solution value

Unified management

all lights can be turned off with one click and all lights in any room can be turned off.

Remote control

remote viewing of lighting conditions and switch operation through APP.

Fast mass production

the fastest seven days of sampling and 30 days can be mass production.

86 Smart switch solution

List of function of solution

UI modifications and new designs, and functions can be customized according to demands

  • Intelligent networking

    built-in WIFI module, easy to realize IOT Internet of Things, more intelligent.

  • Multiple operations

    manual operation, APP, remote operation

  • Full off function

    You can turn off all lights with one button, or you can also turn off all lights in any room

  • Position lock

    Other switches can be prohibited from controlling this switch

  • Scenario settings

    You can set a variety of scenarios such as reading, sleeping, and getting up at night


Structure and parameters

Screen size, resolution, memory size can be re-customized according to needs.

  • Screen size:2.8in
  • Resolution:280x320
  • Screen interface:MCU8080
  • System:RTT
  • Outline dimension:84.2x86.2x3.27mm
  • Flash:512KB Flash、256KB SRAM
  • Interactive methods:Touch,Voice
  • Hardware interface:audio output, serial port, 12C interface