Solution value


IOT Internet of Things, intelligent voice prompts, more intelligent

Fast mass production

samples can be produced in 7 days at the fastest, and mass production can be produced within 30 days.

Easy cleaning

let the mopping dry and wet garbage separate, one-key self-cleaning, the floor and equipment easy to clean one machine for multi-purpose, easy to clean.

Garment ironer solutions

Structure and parameters

Screen size, resolution, memory size can be re-customized according to needs.

  • Screen size:2.0in
  • Resolution:240x320
  • Screen interface:MCU
  • System:Bare metal
  • Flash:16MB
  • Communication interface:MIPI
  • Hardware interface:MIPI

List of function of solution

UI modifications and new designs, and functions can be customized according to demands

  • Intelligent networking

    Built-in wifi module, easy to realize IOT , more intelligent.

  • Intelligent voice prompts

    Voice prompts remind the working status of the machine during use in a timely manner, and it is convenient to select the corresponding operation.

  • Self-cleaning

    Self-cleaning can complete the cleaning and drying of rags and water tanks, without touching hands, and the degree of hygiene is greatly improved.

  • Sterilization

    Automatic sterilization and purification after cleaning, really worry-free.

  • Sweep and mop

    Sweeping and mopping are integrated into one, and one machine is multi-purpose.

1、Sweeping and mopping all-in-one machine solution