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Smart charging pile solution
Solution value Easy Maintenance

Remote monitoring and maintenance , fault alarm, and other functions are available through network connection.

5.0 inch outdoor high brightness display

Driving voltage: 5V-12V

Viewing angle: IPS/full

Operating temperature: -20℃ to +70℃

Storage temperature: -30℃ to +80℃

Display mode: Normally Black

Touch selection: CTP

Connection mode: COG+FPC+drive module


Physiotherapy device solutions
Solution value Wide Spectrum

The wavelength output is mainly at 600nm-700nm.

High Power

The output power of the ray is not less than...

Round LCD screen: New display technology application front

Circular LCD display is a major innovation in LCD technology, the display principle is similar to square LCD, only by the adjustment of LCD glass technology and screen parameters, so that the circular screen in the circular state can also be displayed normally. Compared with the traditional re...

Handheld touch screen - Show your digital world

A touch screen is a device that can be touched in a specific way on its surface. By using the device, users can interact with their fingers or other touchable objects.

Touch screens were first developed in the mid-1960s and were initially used in electronic devices such as electro...

The 2023 "Frida Cup" Friendly Badminton Competition

The 2023 "Frida Cup" friendly badminton competition opened on April 1. This competition consists of five events: Men's singles, Men's doubles, Women's singles, Women's doubles and Mixed doubles. On the court, the players adhered on the principle of "friendship first, competition ...

Steaming and roasting all-in-one solution
Solution value Reduce misoperation

convenient touch operation adds a child lock to reduce misoperation caused by children's fun.

Fast mass production ...
Sweeping and mopping all-in-one machine
Solution value Intelligent

IOT Internet of Things, intelligent voice prompts, more intelligent

Fast mass production

samples can be p...

86 smart switch
Solution value Unified management

all lights can be turned off with one click and all lights in any room can be turned off.

Remote control


Gamepad solutions
Solution value Full-color interactive screen

easy to set up your personality

Fast mass production

samples can be produced in 7 days ...

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