FRIDA held the annual fire drill in 2019

A large number of firefighters died in a forest fire in Liangshan, Sichuan province on March 30th, and a fire broke out at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, with history of more than 800 years. The main part of Notre Dame was badly damaged and its iconic spire had collapsed. The fire makes people lament the loss of the world cultural heritage, but also makes people feel the merciless of fire and gives us a wake-up call. In order to further enhance the staff's awareness of fire safety, improve the ability to respond to emergencies, and effectively ensure the normal production and operation order of the company, we decided to carry out fire drill in the afternoon of May 13th.

At 5pm, May 13th, the company organized all employees in the industrial park to participate in the fire drill. After the official start of the drill and hearing the fire alarm, each department immediately started the fire emergency plan and evacuated to the safe area within the shortest possible time. The evacuation was orderly and the entire drilling process was well organized, it had obtained the very good effect.

The fire drill simulated the fire accident in the factory, through the on-site simulation of escape evacuation and fire knowledge training, it further enhanced the prevention consciousness and self-rescue ability of all employees. Through the drill, the employees understand and master the basic skills such as how to identify the danger and how to take necessary emergency measures, so as to achieve the ability of quick, effective and timely emergency treatment in the accident.