Innovation is the key for enterprise development

More and more enterprises have realized the importance of innovation for enterprise development. For LCD industry, Guangdong province is the most competitive place in the electronics industry in China. We can only improve our competitiveness through continuous innovation. Therefore, as the management team of an enterprise, we should clearly recognize the following points:

First of all, enterprises should constantly strengthen the research on the core key technologies and frontier technologies that support the development of the industry. The LCD industry competition, the key is the core technology. The number of LCD patent applications in China is still relatively small, therefore, it is necessary to increase investment in science and technology, especially to increase the research and development of LCD front end and chip technology. At the same time, strengthen the protection of independent intellectual property rights, build the patent data service platform, constantly enhance the enthusiasm and power of industrial enterprises to accelerate scientific and technological innovation, and make the core technology become an important engine to promote the rapid development of the industry.

Secondly, enterprises must strengthen the training of professional and technical personnel, establish a high-level, stable research and development team. We should actively create an enabling environment to fully unleash the potential of existing science and technology, promote the flow of innovative talents to enterprises and strengthen the incentive mechanism for talents.@@@ Thirdly, it is necessary to actively build characteristic industrial clusters, promote the agglomeration of innovative resources such as technology, talents and capital to the industrial regions with technological innovation advantages, and accelerate the intensive development of industrial bases. We should give full play to the role of scientific research institutions in building industrial clusters, vigorously promote the technology transfer of universities and scientific research institutions, support enterprises in industrializing innovative achievements on a large scale, promote the close combination of industry, universities and research institutes, and strive to enhance the international competitiveness of industries.

Finally, enterprises should be actively encouraged to build an engineering platform with the world's advanced level, and form an engineering and system integration technology capability for the development of the industrial chain. With the goal of large-scale development, we will coordinate technological development, engineering, standard-setting, market application and other innovative links, and implement a number of major industrial innovation and development projects that play a leading and driving role, so as to form breakthroughs and development advantages.