I bloom my beauty, with my attitude

I happened to hear such a song, and I fell in love with the name of the song at a glance. I even didn't have time to listen to the charm of the melody attentively. Savor the name of the song, just like you walk alone in the mountains, suddenly looked up, a large pear flowers open unrestrainedly and enchantingly, the joy from the bottom of heart is needless to say. Or it’s like the free and easy life of Tao Yuan-ming when he picked up chrysanthemum in the east hedge and saw the Nanshan leisurely and carefreely. More importantly, the scene and the meaning in the heart at that time were perfectly integrated and natural.

If you are in full bloom, it is like a kind of feelings that quietly bloom in the spring. Full blooming, it’s the latent dream of flowers for a long time, and a duty that must be implemented. For example, it is like the dream when we were young, we were eager to grow up, eager to miniskirts and high heels, eager to beautiful love. But inadvertently, youth has passed, and we just suddenly realized that youth is a too hasty book. Blooming is always beautiful, blooming flowers are gorgeous and lively, blooming life is full of passion and struggle. Enjoy the blooming posture, just like to see you when you are busy, and you occasionally take a deep glance.

If you are in full bloom, there is refreshing feeling for me, noble and elegant even it’s in the mud. If you are in full bloom, the breeze will come, the woman with such feelings will be graceful, there is a kind of extraordinary charm inside her. This reminds me of another word, “Lingboweibu”, it’s more of the spirit of the gallant chivalry, will let a person love at first sight to no longer give up.

It’s also like the dew on grass leaves in the morning and rolling with the wind, crystal clear, so that you can not help but wonder to know, why so pure things is left in the mortal world, and what kind of touching legend has been retained in such a beautiful thing. It's beautiful and dazzling, but you can't reach out and touch it, even just slightly. There is a kind of beauty in the world, beauty to the extreme, but can only be viewed from a distance, such as Zhou Dunyi's lotus.

If I were a flower, then I would like to be a nameless one among thousands of flowers, comfortably and leisurely. I bloom my beauty with my attitude, I use my fragrance to make the memory very fragrant. If I can bloom into a person's life, then I hope to be the green lotus in your dreams, keep a cool life for you alone.

If you were a flower, then I hope that you were the lilacs that could be placed at my window, late at night, you use the fragrance to make the continuously butterfly dream, and make my sensitive and fragile heart gorgeous. In autumn I guard your broken body with all my heart. I come close to you with my burning soul to warm your loneliness. Where there is love, the flower of life will never fade.

If you are in full bloom, the breeze will come. If you wish, let us hold hands in this flourishing time, make an appointment with a white head unrelated to the moon, we go to the mountains and see the pear flowers, go to touch the breeze, make a most beautiful ending for our life flower together.

If you are blooming, blooming in the cool quiver of summer, one after another, are they all your hopes from previous lives? Leaning against the door, I put a thing called love and make it fly. I seem to see your petals quiver, is it a part of your soul that flies away too? Then let our soul tightly rely on in the vast empty, warm in the breeze, life is originally a full bloom in the soul of the crazy love.