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  • Round LCD screen: New display technology application front

    Circular LCD display is a major innovation in LCD technology, the display principle is similar to square LCD, only by the adjustment of LCD glass technology and screen parameters, so that the circular screen in the circular state can also be displayed normally. Compared with the traditional rectangular LCD display, the appearance of the circular LCD display is more beautiful and more in line with people's aesthetic. In recent years, circular LCD have become more and more popular in the market and are widely used in various fields.

      2023-6-25      14

  • Handheld touch screen - Show your digital world

    A touch screen is a device that can be touched in a specific way on its surface. By using the device, users can interact with their fingers or other touchable objects.

      2023-6-22      24

  • The 2023 "Frida Cup" Friendly Badminton Competition

    The 2023 "Frida Cup" friendly badminton competition opened on April 1. This competition consists of five events: Men's singles, Men's doubles, Women's singles, Women's doubles and Mixed doubles.

      2023-4-3      136

  • FRIDA held the annual fire drill in 2019

    A large number of firefighters died in a forest fire in Liangshan, Sichuan province on March 30th, and a fire broke out at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, with history of more than 800 years. The main part of Notre Dame was badly damaged and its iconic spire had collapsed. T

      2019-5-14      128

  • FRIDA held the STRATEGIC ALLIANCE MEETING with suppliers in 2019

    On March 29th, 2019, SHENZHEN FRIDA LCD CO., LTD held the strategic alliance meeting with suppliers. Li Zhuang, chairman of FRIDA, Chang Bing, CEO of FRIDA, Li Li, management representative, Li Yuping, vice president of the manufacturing center, and managers of all departments attended the meeting.

      2019-4-1      106

  • Thank you for walking together all the way in 2015 looking forward 2016

    Looking back at 2015, a year full of hardships and self transformation, the industry situation is not optimistic, a flood of bankruptcies swept in, but FRIDA fought the tide decisively, changed the sales strategy and at the same time bought the full automatic equipment called DING JING.

      2016-1-21      101

  • During the golden cool autumn season, FRIDA received happy trouble

    Golden cool autumn, the red laurel fragrant. October is the season of harvest and joy. For the hard working of each FRIDA people, in this autumn we received customer rewards that can witness the glorious past and lead to a bright future.

      2014-10-23      99

  • Relocation of FRIDA head quarters to guangming high-tech zone based in benefit and cost

    With the minimum wage rising to the highest in the country, Shenzhen was considered to be one of the most expensive production bases in China mainland. In 1995, Shenzhen began to focus on cultivating and introducing high-tech enterprises, the processing and production enterprises such as FRIDA received less and less attention.

      2013-3-28      105