Heart of awe AND THE Belief

heart of awe AND THE Belief
heart of awe AND THE Belief

In this world, there are those who believe in God and those who don’t, thus distinguishing between theists and atheists, religious people and lay people. However, it is not very important. A much more important is that there are those who believe in the divine and those who do not, and from this there is a distinction between the noble and the vile.

A person may not believe in God, but he may not disbelieve in the divine. Whether or not one believes in God, Buddha, Allah, or some other mysterious force dominating the universe often depends on one's national tradition, cultural background, and personal experience, or even on one's mystical experience, which cannot be forced. A person without these religious beliefs may still be a good person. However, if one does not believe that there are any sacred values in the world and does whatever he or she wants to do, such a person is no different from an animal.

The man who believes in the sacred has something to fear. In his mind, there is always something that belongs to the fundamentals of being a human being and cannot be blasphemed. He is not afraid of punishment, but he refuses to lose his basic character. No matter how full of desire for life he is, he always understands that once his character is destroyed, he loses his self-confidence and dignity in front of himself, and then the fulfillment of all his desires will not be able to save him from the total failure of his life.

On the contrary, the kind of people who do not know the fear is never in the personality to reflect on their own. If it is said that "knowing shame is close to courage", then this kind of person shows a kind of cowardly arrogance because he does not know shame. As long as he is not punished, he dares to trample on anything good, including love, friendship, and honor, without the slightest disturbance in his heart. Such a person, despite having more sex, but also not capable of real love; make more buddies, but also can’t taste the purity of friendship; get more fame, but also do not know what is honorable. Those who do not believe in the sacred will be abandoned by all the sacred things in the world.