Shenzhen FRIDA LCD Co., LTD. Terms and conditions

I. Confirmation and acceptance of terms and conditions

These terms and conditions are the agreement between customers (you) and Shenzhen FRIDA LCD Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "FRIDA"). The FRIDA website and its related products, the ownership and operation rights of related software are all belong to FRIDA, and FRIDA enjoys the right to supervise, remind, inspect, correct and punish all activities on FRIDA website.

These terms and conditions apply to all services provided by FRIDA, but when you use a particular service, and this service has separate terms, guidelines or rules, you shall abide by them and the related service that are published by FRIDA from time to time. All of the foregoing guidelines and rules are a part of these terms and conditions. Unless there is other particular statement, any new product, service or any new function that is added or enhanced by the current service is governed by these terms and conditions.

II. Service protection Clause

1. The information content defined by FRIDA includes: text, software, sound, photo, video, diagram, all the content in the advertisement, commercial information provided by FRIDA Network to users, all such content is protected by copyright, trademark rights, and other intellectual property rights and ownership laws. Therefore, users can only use the content under the FRIDA authorization, and can’t arbitrarily copy, modify, edit, or create derivative products related to the content.

2. The use of the services provided by FRIDA shall be at the user's own risk. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable laws, FRIDA shall not be liable for any special, accidental, direct or indirect loss arising from the use or inability to use the services provided by FRIDA, even if the possibility of the damage has been informed in advance.

3. If the user fails to comply with any of the terms of Service, FRIDA shall have the right to terminate the provision of all the services and reserve the right to pursue liability through legal means.

III. User usage rules

Users are particularly reminded that they must abide by the relevant policies and laws of the State, including the criminal law, the State Security Law, the Secrecy Law and the Regulations on the Security and Protection of Computer Information systems, etc., in order to protect national interests and national security. Users shall bear full responsibility for all responsibilities arising from illegal use of the Internet.

1. Users must follow the following principles when using FRIDA website :(a) comply with relevant Chinese laws and regulations;(b) Not to use the Network Services system for any illegal purpose;(c) Comply with all network protocols, provisions and procedures relating to network services;

2. Users shall not use FRIDA website to send or disseminate sensitive information and information in violation of national legal system, including but not limited to the following information: (a)damaging national honor and interests; (b)against the fundamental principles established by the Constitution; (c) Spreading rumors, disturbing social order and undermining social stability; (d) Endangering national security, divulging state secrets, subverting state power and undermining national unity; (e) inciting national hatred and discrimination and undermining national unity; (f) insulting or slandering another person, or infringing upon the lawful rights and interests of another person; (g) disseminating obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terror or abetting crimes; (h) Those which undermine the state's religious policy and promote cults and feudal superstitions; (I) other contents prohibited by laws and administrative regulations.

IV. Modification of the Terms of Service

The terms of Service will be modified if necessary. Once the terms of Service are changed, FRIDA will publish the modified content in the subsequent Terms of Service. The revised service will effectively replace the original terms of service once it is published on the website. You can check the latest version of the terms of Service at any time.0000 V. Service revision

In order to protect the company's autonomy in business development and adjustment, FRIDA has the right to modify or terminate the service at any time without notifying the user. FRIDA is not responsible to the user or any third party for exercising the right to modify or terminate the service.The user must agree to the terms in advance, then FRIDA begins to provide services.

VI. Ownership of content

The definition of content includes: text, software, sound, photos, videos, charts, all the content in the advertisement, and the full contents of the email. All such content is protected by copyright, trademark, label and other property ownership laws. Therefore, users can only use the content under the FRIDA permission, and cannot arbitrarily copy, reproduce, or create derivative products related to the content.

VII. Legal.

Customer and FRIDA agree that any dispute arising out of this agreement and the use of the services of FRIDA network shall be settled by arbitration. FRIDA has the right to choose the mode of action and the court of competent jurisdiction in which such action shall be accepted. If any of the terms of service are in conflict with the law, they will be reinterpreted as close as possible, while the other terms will remain legally binding and influential on the user.

VIII. Others.

1. Depending on the features of the services provided to users, FRIDA requires users to abide by specific conditions and terms when registering the relevant services. In the event of any inconsistency between the specific conditions and terms and the above Terms of Service, the specific conditions and terms shall prevail.

2. Any problem arising from the execution of the Terms of Service shall be settled by the Website and users through friendly negotiation.

3. If any provision of this agreement by any reason regardless of full or partial invalidity or not, the rest terms shall still be valid and binding.

4. The right to interpret the above terms shall be ultimately owned by the Network.